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“Uncas Leap at Yantic Falls,” Norwich, Connecticut.
An educational sign at this spot says:

“On September 17, 1643, The Battle of the Sachem’s Plain (now known as the Great Plain) brought Narragansett and Mohegan warriors to Yantic Falls, a popular Mohegan fishing and gathering place. Narragansett and Mohegan runners chased one another to a chasm that overlooks the Yantic River.”

“Uncas sent his fastest runner, Tantaquidgeon, to apprehend the Narragansett Sachem Miantonomo, who was weighed down by a gift of English armor. According to tribal tradition, only a Sachem can capture another Sachem. Abiding by this tribal protocol, Tantaquidgeon thus held Miantonomo until Uncas’s arrival. Uncas made the long jump across the chasm, which at that time was narrower before modern-day erosion. Some warriors failed to reach the other side, falling to their deaths on the rocks below.”

“Following the Mohegan capture of Sachem Miantonomo in The Battle of the Sachem’s Plain, the English court at Hartford declared that Miantonomo would be executed. They hoped this would quell his advocacy for a united Native resistance against the English. Miantonomo‘s movement, if successful, would have strongly challenged English aspirations for expansion and governance within the region.”

The falls later became a major power source for early industry and to this day is surrounded by the ruins of old mill buildings.

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